Gloucester Youth Fishermen Football and Cheerleading

Sponsored By:   The Causeway Restaurant
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The GFYFL supplies helmets, chin straps, shoulder pads,  game and practice pants, and a belt.  The league will use pants that have all of the pads sewn into the pants so there will be no need for separate girdles and pads.

Items that your child  will need include practice shirt, molded, rubber cleats, a jock, socks and mouth guard.  Some players purchase other equipment such as gloves, a special mouth guard, their own shoulder pads, chin straps, fore arm pads, etc.  These items are not necessary and are personal preference. 


The league provides the uniform “Shell” meaning the Vest and Skirt.

Anything that is in direct contact with the player's skin becomes the cheerleader’s responsibility. This includes Body suit, Bloomers, Socks and Sneakers. Sneakers all need to be the same (white cheer leading sneaker or clean white sneaker is fine). All the information regarding where to purchase all items not included in the league registration fee will be distributed via email or at the parent/team meeting prior to the start of the season.