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Welcome to our 2022 Season!
by posted 08/05/2022


Welcome to GYF Cheerleading!
To help get ready for the upcoming 2022 season, we wanted to send some info about what the cheerleaders will need for their uniforms. The organization provides the shell and skirt. Pom poms will be handed out during games and collected by the coaches at the end of the game. A few items will need to be purchased to complete your child’s uniform. Links will be provided to make the process a little easier but you are more than welcome to get them wherever you would like.
1) A BLACK mocktop, this is worn under the shell top provided by GYF
2) BLACK boy brief shorts for under their skirts
3) Solid white sneakers. The league recommends the Chasse Ace II or the Chasse Apex. You aren't required to have either shoe if they do not fit within your budget, many families buy a sturdy white sneaker at Target Walmart or Amazon. Just make sure you take a look at the shoes listed above, and then find something similar. Please no designs or colors on the sneaker.
4) BLACK Leggings for cold game days (any solid black legging is fine)
5)Bows- the money will be collected closer to the start of the season and they will be handed out by coaches. We also have pink breast cancer bows for the month of October. These will also need to be purchased and will be handed out by coaches for games.
Throughout the season we do fundraisers!
A few have been planned for the upcoming season. Please keep an eye out for more information. We will keep everyone up to date on social media and through email throughout our 2022 season. If you use Facebook, please join the GYF Cheerleaders 2022 Facebook page and our Instagram page is @gloucestercheerleading You'll find info there quickly once the season gets started, and you'll be able connect with other families. We will share updates and fundraising opportunities there as well. You should also follow the Gloucester Youth Fishermen Football & Cheerleading Organization page. 
We are looking for volunteers! If anyone would like to step up and take these positions over it would make the season run much more smoothly.
  1. Social Media Person - Someone who can post important updates and information
  2. Fundraising Coordinator - Someone who can coordinate and put together events
Practice schedule-
Practices will be starting the week of the 22nd.
-E Team will be practicing at Green Street on Monday and Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30
-D Team will be practicing at Green Street on Wednesday and Thursdays 5-6:15
-A Team TBD
We are looking forward to a great season! Please bear with us as this is our first season as directors. It is a learning process for us as we navigate throughout the season. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time via email or text. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can! Welcome to our new families and welcome back to those families that are returning!
Sam- 508-958-2285
Lia- 978-836-8976
Samantha Dennen & Lia Giacalone
GYF Cheer Directors
Chasse Apex Shoe - Cheerleading Shoes | Omni Cheer
Chasse Ace II Shoe - Cheerleading Shoes | Omni Cheer

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